Call for paper

The program committee of the 10th Gadjah Mada International Conference on Economics and Business (GamaICEB) invites authors to submit their full paper for presentation at the 10th GamaICEB, and get the chance to win the Best Paper Award.


Theme:  Digital Transformation in Economics, Business and Accounting

*) We also welcome any abstracts and papers that are outside the following topics but related to empirical or conceptual analysis for economics, management, and accounting.

Financial Accounting

  1. Accounting for Cryptoassets
  2. NFTs and Corporate Accounting

Management Accounting

  1. Reconstructing risk management after the pandemic
  2. Sustainability management accounting
  3. Digital transformation to ensuring business resilience during and post the pandemic
  4. Performance, accountability and digitalization
  5. Digital Innovation and business sustainability


  1. Behavioral and sociological aspects of the use of state-of-the-art technologies in auditing
  2. Advanced technologies to prevent and detect fraud
  3. Interactive multimodal communication in audit processes
  4. Data analytics application beyond Excel. What’s next for the auditing profession?
  5. Fighting financial crimes and the future of compliance in virtual worlds
  6. Digital forensics Investigation

Information Systems

  1. ERP and cloud technology
  2. Cybersecurity and business growth in the digital age
  3. Social Media and Accountability
  4. Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Financial Reporting
  5. Metaverse: Control and Governance
  6. Blockchain and digital transformation

Public Accounting

  1. Advancing digital public services during the pandemic (e.g. government’s contact tracing app)
  2. The use of online platform to accommodate dialogic accountability and democracy
  3. Embracing national and international tax reform
  4. Tax implications of digital transformations

Sharia Accounting

  1. NFTs according to sharia principles
  2. Transactions in the Metaverse World according to sharia principles
  3. Islamic governance and sustainability reporting disclosure
  4. Digitalization and Accountability in Islamic Charitable Organizations
  5. Sharia Governance in Islamic Financial Technology (Fintech)


  1. Innovation in a Digital Economy
  2. Internet and Economic Development
  3. Data Science in Economics
  4. Labour and Personnel Policy in an Integrated Digital Economy
  5. Digital Technology and Business Organization
  6. E-Government and Governance
  7. Digital Infrastructure and Economic Growth
  8. Macroeconomic Policy in a Digital Economy
  9. International Trade and Finance in the Digital Era
  10. Digital Economy and Behavioral Economics

Finance and Investment

  1. Infrastructure of FinTech
  2. Big Data Analysis in Finance
  3. Digitalization of Corporate Finance
  4. Digital financial inclusion
  5. Innovations, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Metaverse
  6. Digital technology-related risks 
  7. Digital disruption in financial market and bank


  1. Marketing in e -commerce
  2. Social media as a new shopping mall
  3. Social media influencer
  4. Ethics in digital marketing
  5. Social Marketing: Virtual Volunteer Opportunities
  6. Gamification
  7. Co-creation
  8. Omni channel
  9. Dynamic pricing
  10. NFT
  11. Political Identity and Consumption

Human Resource Management

  1. Strategic e-HRM
  2. Digitalisation and contemporary industrial relation
  3. Improving HR competency in the digital world

Operations Management

  1. Current Issues Logistics Management
  2. Air Cargo and Freight Management
  3. Shipping and integrated port management
  4. Global vs. Localised Supply Chain Management
  5. Supply Chain Sustainability and Resilience
  6. Human vs. Digital Technologies in Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

Leadership and Innovation

  1. Leadership in a Technology Driven World
  2. Sustainability Leadership
  3. Digital Transformation Strategy
  4. Dealing with Disruption: Strategies & Business Models
  5. Mergers & Acquisitions

Financial Management

  1. Digital financial inclusion
  2. Innovations, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Metaverse
  3. Digital technology-related risks 
  4. Digital disruption in financial market and bank
  5. Accelerating Digital Finance and Economy
  6. Digital Finance and Sustainable development
  7. Digital technology and Shariah Finance
  8. Digital technology and financial innovation                                                                                     


  1. Enhancing Start-up Development Ecosystem
  2. Creative funding (financing) for start up
  3. Green Social Extracurricular Activity Involvement fo Developing Starter Green Social Entrepreneur.
Paper Submission

The paper must be written in good academic English. Spelling follows Webster’s International Dictionary. To ensure an anonymous review, authors should not identify themselves directly or indirectly in their papers. Submit your paper to our email: on June 18, 2022 (deadline for abstract submission) and July 31, 2022 (deadline for full paper submission) using our layout template.

Best Paper Award

The selected paper will have the opportunity to participate in the 10th GamaICEB 2022 Best Paper Award with the total prize of Rp.15,000,000 for the best three papers.


The winning paper of the 10th GamaICEB Best Paper will be published in the Journal of Indonesian Economy and Business (EBSCO, DOAJ, ProQuest indexed) after having revision approved by the editors. All presented abstracts will be published in the 10th GamaICEB proceeding with ISSN: 2548-7965.


All presented papers will be given feedback of similarities check (Turnitin), and the basic grammar check (ETS grammar).

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