Call for paper

The program committee of the 12th Gadjah Mada International Conference on Economics and Business (GamaICEB) invites authors to submit their full papers for presentation at the 12th GamaICEB and get the chance to win the Best Paper Award.


Theme: Inclusivity & Diversity in Economics, Business, and Accounting: Beyond Borders

*) We also welcome any abstracts and papers that are outside the following topics but related to empirical or conceptual analysis for economics, management, and accounting.


  1. Inclusive Financial Reporting
  2. Ethical Implications of Diversity
  3. Inclusive Leadership in Accounting
  4. Diversity and Auditing
  5. Inclusivity in Accounting Education
  6. Intersectionality (gender, race, ethnicity, etc.) in Accounting
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Diversity
  8. Inclusive Governance in Accounting Organizations
  9. Global Perspectives on Diversity in Accounting

Human Resource Management

  1. Inclusive Human Resource Management
  2. Managing Diversed Human Resource
  3. Human Resource, Human Capital, And Human Capital Complementaries
  4. Pro-Social Human Resource Management
  5. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, And Balance in Managing Talent
  6. Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka and Its Contribution to The Nation Development
  7. Strategic Human Resource Management and Human Resource Matrics
  8. Artificial Intelligence In Organizational Change And Development
  9. Multiteaming Dynamics In Orchestrating People Productivity

Leadership & Innovation

  1. Leadership For Society
  2. Women In Leadership
  3. Strategic Leadership: Developing and Nurturing Effective Leaders In The 21st Century
  4. Impact Assessment on MBKM Program to Student Leadership Capacity


  1. Gender and Economics
  2. Research on Vulnerable and Marginalized Communities
  3. Empowerment Economics
  4. Inclusive Development and Growth
  5. Poverty Eradication through Social Inclusion

Finance And Investment

  1. Inclusive Financial Management
  2. Inclusive Financial Policy
  3. International Trade and Finance Policies for Inclusive Economic Growth
  4. Technology-Based Financial Institutions and Inclusion
  5. Inclusive Financing & Investing
  6. Climate & Carbon Financing
  7. Governance Of Sustainable Finance
  8. Inclusive Banking
  9. Transition Risk
  10. Behavioural Issues in Sustainable Finance
  11. The Dark Side / Unintended Consequences of Impact Investing

Operation Management & Production

  1. Inclusivity and Diversity in Operation Management
  2. Circular Economy and Supply Chain (Re)Design
  3. Reshoring, Localisation, and Supply Chain Sustainability and Resilience
  4. Omni Channel and Digital Supply Chain Operations


  1. Inclusive Marketing
  2. Marketing for Diversed Consumers
  3. Understanding Consumer Behaviour in Diversed Cultures
  4. Social Marketing and Quality of Life
  5. AI and Big Data in Marketing
  6. Inbound Marketing
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Dynamic Pricing
  9. Co-Creation
  10. Earned Media
  11. Machine Learning Adoption for Market Segmentation And Targeting.
  12. Seamless Customer Experience
  13. Social Media Marketing
  14. Influencer Marketing
  15. Omni Channel Design
  16. Service Robot
  17. Marketing Analytics
  18. Hybrid Consumer Behaviour
  19. Demarketing: 4c and 4p
  20. Social Marketing, Specifically Community-Based
  21. Role of Technology in Transforming Into Environmentally Friendly Consumer Behaviour (Ai, Big Data From Marketer And Consumer Perspective)
  22. Sustainable/Responsible/Mindful/Green Consumption
  23. Shift Framework of Sustainable Behaviour Change

Innovation and Knowledge Management

  1. Knowledge Management in Inclusive Organization
  2. Breakthrough Innovation & Knowledge Management
  3. Disruptive Vs Breakthrough Innovation
  4. Open Innovation & Business Sustainability
  5. External Knowledge & Process Innovation
  6. Diffusion Of Technological Innovation
  7. Creative Funding for Innovation
  8. Strategic Leadership and Execution
  9. Global Strategy and Sustainability
  10. Organizational Transformation: Reorganization and Restructuring

Strategic Management

  1. Strategic Agility in The Face of Uncertainty
  2. Integrating Diversity and Inclusivity into Strategic Management Practices
  3. Digital Transformation and Organizational Competitiveness
  4. Organizational Culture in Shaping Strategic Decision-Making
  5. Strategic Leadership and Execution
  6. Global Strategy and Sustainability
  7. Organizational Transformation: Reorganization and Restructuring
  8. Strategic Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  9. Ethnic Entrepreneurship
  10. Inclusivity and Diversity in Entrepreneurship
Paper Submission

The paper must be written in good academic English. Spelling follows Webster’s International Dictionary. To ensure an anonymous review, authors should not identify themselves directly or indirectly in their papers.

Submit your paper to this*:

*) ePaper Guidelines for participants: Please register for an account in the ePaper Management system by Universitas Gadjah Mada if you haven’t already.

Best Paper Award

The selected paper will have the opportunity to participate in the 12th GamaICEB Best Paper Award with a total prize of Rp15.000.000 for the best four papers.


The winning paper of the 12th GamaICEB Best Paper will be published in the Journal of Indonesian Economy and Business (SCOPUS Q3, EBSCO, DOAJ, ProQuest indexed) after having revisions approved by the editors. All presented abstracts will be published in the 12th GamaICEB proceeding with ISSN: 2548-7965 (as long as the authors have filled out the abstract consent form) and have the opportunity to be published in Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research proceeding series by Atlantis Press (Springer Nature). Article Processing Charge (APC) applied for the proceeding series (EUR70, approx. IDR1,200,000).